Preventative Maintenance

We offer preventative maintenance programs tailored to the customer’s equipment- its usage, its age, and the environment.  Our preventative maintenance programs can be fit into any production schedule.  A scheduled and regular preventative maintenance program will increase your machine reliability and decrease unplanned outages.  Combining thermal imaging services and acid flushing services with our preventative maintenance programs is a way to ensure that the critical problems with your equipment are found and addressed during planned outages and not during critical production runs.

Phoenix Induction offers preventative maintenance programs for the following induction equipment.

*Ajax Magnethermic (*Ajax Tocco Magnethermic)
  • *Pacer I, *Pacer II, *IEH, *Pacer S10, *MFCC, *Pachydyne, *Phasor, *Pacer T,
    and *Pacer HF Power Supplies
*American Induction Heating (AIH)
  • *Cage, *Chopper, *Mother/Daughter, and *PSCS Power Supplies
*Bone Frontier Company
  • *Evolution2, *Evolution 3, *Evolution 4, and *Evolution 5 Power Supplies
*Industrial Electric Heating
  • *IEH Power Supplies
Phoenix Induction Corporation
  • Firebird and Legacy Power Supplies
  • *PPS Power Supplies
  • *Robotron Power Supplies

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*Registered trademarks of their respective companies.  Phoenix Induction is not authorized by any OEM to work on any manufacturer’s equipment other than equipment manufactured by Phoenix Induction Corporation.