Frequently Asked Questions

How does induction heating and/or melting work?

Induction heating and/or melting is also known as non contact heating (non contact heating means that there is no contact between the material or part being heated and the induction coil).  When a conductive material is placed in an alternating magnetic field, eddie currents are induced in the material which causes it to heat up.  The greater the magnetic field the larger the eddie currents, which leads to a faster rise in temperature of the material placed in the alternating magnetic field.

What can be heated/melted using Induction?

Any conductive material can be heated by a magnetic field.  If a material has magnetic properties, then the material will heat at an increased rate because of hysteresis that is until the material reaches its curie temperature.

What are the advantages of Induction Heating/Melting?
  1. In comparison to heating using gas, induction heating applies the energy directly to the part and/or material being heated.  In addition, warm up time is not required for induction applications, whereas  warm up time is required for gas furnaces.  Since the power density for induction is almost unlimited there is much faster heating with induction than with gas.
  2. It is typically very easy to control the temperature of the material and/or part being heated with induction.
  3. Power is not required when staff is on a break or if there is a production stoppage.
  4. Induction is environmentally clean.
  5. Since the control of the temperature of the material and/or part being heated is easy to control with induction, induction becomes very suitable for applications which use automatic handling systems for the parts being heated.
What are the advantages of using Phoenix Induction?
  1. Phoenix Induction offers competitively priced power supplies, which are rugged and built to last.
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