Induction heating is the most energy efficient and controllable method for heating conductive materials. The non-contact nature of induction heating enables high production rates that meet the most demanding requirements. The localized heating and direct coupling into the part minimizes the heat loss and directs the energy where it is desired.  Phoenix Induction has the experience and products necessary to meet your production needs.

Tube & Pipe Heating

Phoenix Induction offers a variety of induction heating systems for pipe and tube heating applications.  These applications can range from coating and curing applications to pre-heating prior to forging and heating for bending.

Induction Forge Heating

Phoenix Induction offers induction heating equipment for bar end and billet heating.  Phoenix Induction has a history of providing equipment which is built to thrive in forging environments.  Using custom Phoenix Induction coil designs, our equipment is built to last and heat almost any length and diameter bar or billet.

Mass Heating

Phoenix Induction has proven experience with bar and wiring heating applications.  We offer proven equipment which can be integrated into production lines or for new processes.


Induction melting is a large part of our business.  Phoenix Induction offers complete systems using our Firebird power supply which has the ability to melt over a wide variety of alloys at maximum power without requiring  tap changes or capacitor switching.


Our expertise assures reliable and efficient performance when dealing with customized induction heating and melting applications.  Our team offers the best induction heating services for your thermal processing needs.

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