Board Repair Services

Phoenix Induction offers quality board repair services for the following power supplies built by the following manufacturers:

*Ajax Magnethermic (*Ajax Tocco Magnethermic)
  • *Pacer I, *Pacer II, *IEH, *Pacer S10, *MFCC, *Pachydyne, *Phasor, *Pacer T,
    and *Pacer HF Power Supplies
*American Induction Heating (AIH)
  • *Cage, *Chopper, *Mother/Daughter, and *PSCS Power Supplies
*Bone Frontier Company
  • *Evolution 2, *Evolution 3, *Evolution 4, and *Evolution 5 Power Supplies
*Industrial Electric Heating
  • *IEH Power Supplies
Phoenix Induction Corporation
  • Firebird, Thunderbird and Legacy Power Supplies
  • *PPS Power Supplies
  • *Robotron Power Supplies

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* This website is not sanctioned or approved by any of the listed manufacturers or
trademarks listed. Phoenix Induction is not an authorized distributor or representative
for any of the listed manufacturers.