Induction Coil & Furnace: New, Repair and/or Rebuild

Phoenix Induction has many years of induction coil, melting furnace and sintering coil design, build and repair experience.  Our personnel work directly with the customer to develop comprehensive coil maintenance programs.  When our coil repair facility receives a coil and/or furnace to be repaired or rebuilt, the first thing they do is photograph the coil and/or furnace and make dimensional sketches that are later converted to CAD drawings, since coils are often repaired and rebuilt more than once having accurate dimensions is a must for accuracy and to reduce turnaround time.   Call today for a quote to have your induction coil and/or furnace repaired or rebuilt.

Note if you are interested in more than just having your coil repaired, Phoenix Induction has many years of experience designing and building induction coils and furnaces.  Please call for a quotation.

Fast Turnaround Time

  • New/Repaired Coils
  • Forging/Heating Coils
  • Heat Treating Coils
  • Coreless Furnaces and Coils
  • Machined Quality Coils
  • Workhead Transformers