Power Supply/System Rebuild

If your induction system has become unreliable, if you have had a fire, and/or if your repair costs have been escalating, it may be time to consider having your induction system rebuilt.  An Induction power supply/system rebuild may be able to save you thousands of dollars.  The following tasks are completed for our power supply rebuilds:

  1.  All of the water paths are acid flushed .
  2. The components are removed from the power supply, the power supply cabinet is sandblasted and painted.
  3. The passive components are tested and replaced as required.
  4. Any obsolete components are replaced.
  5. Any faulty wiring is replaced.
  6. All of the logic boards are cleaned, tested and repaired as required.
  7. All of the hoses, hose barbs and hose clamps are replaced.
  8. The bus work is sandblasted.
  9. The logic boards are cleaned, tested and repaired as required.
  10. The operation of the protection circuits is verified.  Any faulty components are replaced.
  11. The operation of the power supply is tested.

Please call to find out if a power supply rebuild is your cost effective solution.

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